B4dalbum and Before the Fame


Jacob Egozi, Staff Writer

  B4dalbum is Swavay’s third studio project and second EP. Swavay released this EP on April 3, 2020 and it was honestly very unawaited. Swavay is a very new and upcoming rapper and not many people know who he is. With having less than 30 thousand followers on Instagram, Swavay’s career is just starting to take off. 

   Swavay is an underground rapper from Atlanta, Georgia and is, in my opinion, one of the best rappers in today’s world. He has released two albums and one EP in the past and none of his projects have blown up. With his insanely lyrical songs and melodic flow, Swavay continues to prove how great of an artist he truly is.

   Swavay uses different tones and different styles in almost every song. In his two other albums, he was more melodic and used more of a hip hop flow, but in B4dalbum, he uses more of a trap style and has a more intense sound. Swavay is one of the few rappers who can tell stories through his music, and that is what the whole album is planned to be. 

   B4dalbum was an EP released on April 4, 2020 and having only 9 songs was very hard to rank. Every song on the album was good and different in its own way while continuing to talk about the artist’s past and put it into music. Swavay is a very underrated rapper who has kept putting out projects to prove himself, and hopefully will after his next full album release. 

Personal Album Rating: 10/10

Personal Song Ranking:

Selena Gomez




Terrell Owens 


Coi Leray 

Can’t Tell Me S**t

All In