The Stanley Cup Finals have Arrived

Beginning on Sept.19, the Stanley Cup Final will start between the Dallas Stars and the Tampa Bay Lightning


“Tampa Bay Lighting iPhone Wallpaper” by Hawk Eyes is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

 For the first time in twenty years, the Dallas Stars will be competing for the Stanley Cup. After a game five overtime goal by Dallas’ rookie forward Denis Gurianov, the Stars will be heading to the Stanley Cup Final in Edmonton, Canada. Following the win, the Dallas players stormed the ice and celebrated by holding up the Clarence S. Campbell Bowl, the trophy bestowed upon the winner of the Western Conference. 

   In an interview with the New York Times, Dallas forward Tyler Seguin said, “We played with fire.” Seguin has scored two goals this playoffs and has racked up a total of eight points for Dallas. 

   Led by team Captain Jamie Benn, the Stars have quickly made their way through the playoffs. First by beating the Calgary Flames in a heated series, then the Stars edged out the Colorado Avalanche in a close 4-3 series and finally they defeated the Vegas Golden Knights in the Western Conference Final. After defeating the Golden Knights they are now in contention for winning the Stanley Cup. 

   For the Lighting, they are on a redemption trek. After losing to the Chicago Blackhawks in 2015, the Lightning are trying to prove themselves. Following a game six overtime goal by centerman Anthony Cirelli, the Lightning advanced to the Stanley Cup Final for the first time in five years. 

      Without their captain, Steven Stamkos, the team has rallied through multiple series to reach the Stanley Cup Finals. After beating the Blue Jackets in a redemption series, then beating the Boston Bruins in a 4-1 series, and finally beating the New York Islanders in a close 4-2 series, the Lightning finally reached the Stanley Cup Finals. With the defeat of the Islanders, the Lightning celebrated by grabbing the Prince of Wales Trophy. 

   After not touching the trophy in 2015, the Lighting decided to go against tradition by touching the trophy. In an interview with Sportsnet, Lightning defenseman Victor Hedman said, “It didn’t work last time, so we tried obviously touching the trophy this year”. 

   With the Stanley Cup Finals right around the corner, it will be interesting to see who will come out on top. Whether it be the hometown hopefuls or the Dallas Stars, it will certainly be an interesting Stanley Cup Finals.